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WHAT: Filmstock is an annual filmmaking event hosted by the Carnegie Mellon Film Club. Groups of participants have three days to conceive, shoot, and edit a film. It’s a hackathon, for filmmaking. It’s an insomnia film festival.

WHY: Because you get to make a film in 3 days! Because you get to meet new collaborators – last year we had participants from Carnegie Mellon, Point Park, and Duquesne. Because if your group wins, you will receive a sweet prize.

WHO: The event is open to students and other emerging filmmakers in the Pittsburgh area. Whether you’re a performer, a writer, a cinematographer, a director, an editor, a colorist, a camera geek, a sound designer, a musician, or a film enthusiast who just wants to be on set, Filmstock is a weekend of fun, friendship, filmmaking, and a lot of caffeine.

HOW: Sign up here:
You can sign up as a group or an individual, and we will put you into a group. Everyone will end up working with some new collaborators.

WHEN: At 5PM on Thursday, Oct. 22nd, the guidelines will be released. They are a set of constraints you have to follow to make a film – they are released on Thursday so that no group can get a head start!

The films need to be submitted before 5PM on Sunday, Oct 25th. We will have a screening in Doherty Hall A302 at 5:30PM. Come hang out and see what other people have made!

Here are the constraints:
You need to pick at least three of them for your film.
1. Dialogue: “What a big kitchen!”
2. Location: Warehouse
3. Prop: Wifi router
4. Sound: Drumming
5. Shot: A tracking shot at least 6 seconds long
6. Camera Angle: Bird’s eye
7. Cinematography: Use of symmetry
8. Costume: Jumpsuit
9. Editing: Exploring the Kuleshov Effect by using Montage

Get more information and updates about it from the Facebook event:

For any inquiries, please feel free to email [email protected]