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Movie Review: Oscar’s Best Picture Nominees

The execs of Film Club came together to write about Oscar’s Best Picture nominees and here is the result… *drum roll* Todd Medema If you’re looking for an action movie, Boyhood is not for you. If you’re looking for science fiction, Boyhood is not for you.

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Movie Review: Birdman

The movie Birdman directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu is about a washed-up actor who once played the iconic superhero “The Birdman” trying to reinvent himself as a director and reclaim his past glory by creating a broadway show.   Some Film Club executives went to watch the movie.


Pitch Projects

Hey everyone!We’re happy to announce that we are now beginning pitch projects, which is where we give you the chance to come pitch your film idea so that you can be funded by film club to make a film you want to make. SIGN UP



Filmstock is a three day filmmaking challenge which takes place during Carnegie Mellon’s midsemester break. At 5PM on Thursday, Oct. 16th, we will release our well-developed and totally not improvised list of Filmstock Guidelines™ – constraints which all submitted films must follow.


First Fall ’14 Film Club Meeting Monday

Welcome, new and old Film Cubs! This Monday, September 8, we will be hosting our first meeting at 5:30, in Doherty 1212. We’ll introduce you to this years exec team, new faces and old, and give you a little more insight about meetings to come.

Free Pie

Film Club Meeting (1/27/14)

Welcome, new and old Film Cubs! What happened: *We watched “Free Pie.” An oldie, but a goodie. *The Infamous Four (Nick Hurt, Hannah Polack, Todd Medema, and Jeremy Wheeler) talk about their experience at the Sundance Film Festival. Many networking opportunities and whatnot. Movies to

Kissing In the Rain

Film Club Meeting (1/20/14)

What happened today: *We watched “The Big Fold,” by a Point Park student, and the winner of the VERY prestigious Golden Viking award at the Shot for Shot Film Festival last year: *”Rage,” test scene: *”Kissing in the Rain” trailer by Shipwrecked. *Also by Shipwrecked.:

Bear short film screen

Film Club Meeting (1/13/14)

Happy New Semester! What happened today: -We watched a short film “Bear” -Nick, Hannah, Jeremy, and Todd describe their upcoming trip to the Sundance Film Festival! -We’re getting sweaters! -Big news: SHOT FOR SHOT FILM FESTIVAL *Pitch Projects: Pitch a film idea to the Film