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Welcome to Carnegie Mellon Film Club!

New year, new film club

This year, we are going to be trying a few new initiatives to become a better home for film on campus.

This semester, our meetings will still be on Monday evenings at 5:00PM in DH-1212. However, we will have 2 rooms running simultaneously: one for workshopping and developing film projects, and one for watching and discussing filmmakers and film movements. One room will be filmmaking-based, and the other will be film theory – based. This way we can better serve every part of the film club family.

In terms of production, 2016 is the year that we begin to produce festival-worthy films. Our goal is to produce one higher-quality short this semester and bring it to a festival circuit. This means that we will be spending more time and energy on our pre-production, organizing more formal film shoots, and renting higher quality equipment. This is going to be a huge opportunity to learn on set and see what it’s like to work on a bigger film project.

Starting now, every film and festival we produce will have it’s own dedicated page for blog posts and documentation. This way, you can follow the progress on only the projects you care about.

This year, film club will become bigger, more organized, and more fun than ever before.

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