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About Us

Welcome to the home of CMU Film Club!

The CMU Filmmaking Club, founded in 1994, is a student organization of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. The mission of the organization is to produce and promote student filmmaking, both at Carnegie Mellon and in the greater community. Each semester, the club generally produces at least one short film or video project, which utilizes the technical and creative abilities of its members. There is also usually at least one “improv” shoot at the beginning of each semester, where small teams work to create a short narrative video in a few hours; this activity allows new members to get acquainted with the basics of our equipment and is always a lot of fun.

The Executives:

President - Talia Shea Levin

Vice President - Todd Medema

PR Coordinator- Simone Stachelski

Web Manager - Cleo Miao

Equipment Manager – Suvrath Penmetcha

Shot for Shot Festival Coordinators – Jeremy Wheeler & Jordan Roxanne Sucher

Pitch Project Coordinator – Max Harlynking

Screenwriting Executive – Tracy Held Potter

Executive Member- Chris Compendio

A note about CMU TV: We share an office on Margaret Morrison street with our friends from CMU TV. However, we are unaffiliated. The main difference between our two clubs is that CMU TV is purely about documenting full events such as concerts or meetings, and Film Club makes films, shorts, promos, music videos, etc.