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Free Pie

Film Club Meeting (1/27/14)

Welcome, new and old Film Cubs! What happened: *We watched “Free Pie.” An oldie, but a goodie. *The Infamous Four (Nick Hurt, Hannah Polack, Todd Medema, and Jeremy Wheeler) talk about their experience at the Sundance Film Festival. Many networking opportunities and whatnot. Movies to

Kissing In the Rain

Film Club Meeting (1/20/14)

What happened today: *We watched “The Big Fold,” by a Point Park student, and the winner of the VERY prestigious Golden Viking award at the Shot for Shot Film Festival last year: *”Rage,” test scene: *”Kissing in the Rain” trailer by Shipwrecked. *Also by Shipwrecked.:

Bear short film screen

Film Club Meeting (1/13/14)

Happy New Semester! What happened today: -We watched a short film “Bear” -Nick, Hannah, Jeremy, and Todd describe their upcoming trip to the Sundance Film Festival! -We’re getting sweaters! -Big news: SHOT FOR SHOT FILM FESTIVAL *Pitch Projects: Pitch a film idea to the Film


Film Club Meeting (11/4/13)

What you missed: A word about Pittsburgh Filmmakers classes: Contact Patty Doane ([email protected]) at the CFA Dean’s Office for more information! Sam talks about cinematography! -lens type, camera angle, camera movement, lighting, shot composition -cinematographer: in charge of the image and look of


PACIFIC RIM — Sleeping Bag Movie Night

The CMU Film Club will be showing Pacific Rim for free on the Tennis Court Amphitheater on Tuesday night at 8pm. We will be giving away FREE HOT CHOCOLATE and awesome Pacific Rim prizes! Bring blankets and sleeping bags!

arm thing film

Film Club Meeting (10/28/13)

What you missed: -Key and Peele Les Mis -“Pockets” short -“Pacific Rim” screening tomorrow! -Todd went over how to properly use After Effects *color correcting in Premiere *make your film look more natural, or give it a certain style with color correction *After Effects: motion

FilmHub Dog

Film Club Meeting (10/21/13)

What you missed: *Nick, Jeremy, and Wyatt helped work on an underwater music video last weekend *Nick saw a cat this morning. Join the Facebook group! Recording sound and dialogue: *Shotgun microphone- directional; used most on film sets *Cardioid microphone- not as directional; used


“Before Sunrise” review

Review by Chris Compendio Release Date: 1995 Director: Richard Linklater This romantic drama eschews genre conventions and tells a story of two strangers in a foreign land who find a connection with each other- all taking place within a day. Upon meeting by chance in a


New Movie Releases (Week of October 20th)

Wide Release: The Counselor (October 25th) Bad Grandpa (October 25th) Limited Release: Blue is the Warmest Color (October 25th) Pittsburgh Filmmakers: Viola (Regent Square Theater, until October 24th) Un Flic (Harris Theater, October 21st-24th) FoxFur (Melwood Screening Room, October 22nd) Breathless (Melwood Screening Room, October