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Film Club Meeting (1/13/14)

Happy New Semester!

What happened today:
-We watched a short film “Bear”

-Nick, Hannah, Jeremy, and Todd describe their upcoming trip to the Sundance Film Festival!
-We’re getting sweaters!
*Pitch Projects: Pitch a film idea to the Film Club execs; some films will be given a budget for their project
*every Pitch Project group will keep Film Club and themselves updated using a blog
*ideas should be feasible; get us interested, convince us that you can do it, and convince us that you need the money
*Pitches February 5th and 6th (Wednesday and Thursday)
-AB Films has some awesome movies to show this semester! Only $1 for each!
-Submit to the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory Competition!

-New Film Club project:
*Hannah is teaching a flash mob this weekend
*we will film them in the UC
*great PR for CMU and Film Club

-Watch short films on Short of the Week!
“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared”