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Film Club Meeting (11/4/13)

What you missed:

A word about Pittsburgh Filmmakers classes:
Contact Patty Doane ([email protected]) at the CFA Dean’s Office for more information!

Sam talks about cinematography!
-lens type, camera angle, camera movement, lighting, shot composition
-cinematographer: in charge of the image and look of the film
-director in charge of uniting all departments on a film set
-cinematographer makes director’s vision possible, technical work that goes with the camera

Exec Film Club projects!
-Nick is working on “Steel Town!
-Wyatt is working on a short horror/suspense film! ([email protected])
-Chris is working on an absurdist film called “Milk!” ([email protected])
-Jordan/Jeremy/Holly/Sam is working on a dinner party film! ([email protected])
-Talia is working on a film featuring a person trapped by a psychopath! ([email protected])
-Sam is working on a film about someone who gets mugged (and doesn’t want to get mugged)! ([email protected])